“You will do better” signage

“You will do better in Toledo” is in the news again. YWDBIT Day 2014 did not generate nearly the same buzz as the 100th anniversary in 2013, but the use of the slogan on roadside signs at the edge of the city was debuted:

TFP also featured it on its cover with “Yule do better in Toledo” and an editor’s statement.

Sarah Ottney points out some of the criticism of the slogan, such as the apparent lack of a plan behind it. It has to be more than signs and t-shirts. The city needs to add credibility to the slogan by telling stories of people doing better in Toledo, and by taking specific actions to demonstrate it is committed to it.

She also references the Toledo Region Branding efforts, which have similar goals to instill resident pride and help retain and attract talent. One challenge with past regional branding efforts was the confusion about marketing the region and/or the city. I am not sure exactly how “You will do better in Toledo” and “It matters where you make it” fit together, but at least now the core city of the region is starting to fill its branding void.

Let’s keep going, fleshing out both, and figure out the details along the way.