Keep Toledo Creative

Keep Toledo Creative is an interesting concept: develop and attract creative talent by providing them with services to help them succeed. BGSU has measured Ohio’s creative economy (PDF) and made a documentary, so I am convinced it is important for our region.

I would like to support it (by giving money, by donating services, by mentoring, etc.) but I still have some questions and concerns.

  • What are the exact roles and job titles that qualify as “creative”? There is the creative class definition, and there are narrow definitions like “one who devises advertising campaigns”.  North Carolina has its list. There are more. What is the right scope for us? Roles that often make up a user experience team, such as “creative director”, “user interface designer” and “information architect” belong in our scope of “creative”, in my opinion (but I am biased).
  • “Scholarships” are being planned, but I do not see any scholarly requirements. Scholarship means “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education”. I may not mind donating to help people do their jobs, but if there is not an educational aspect, then you cannot call it a “scholarship”.
  • Is this a regional thing or a city of Toledo thing? There is value in focusing on residents of Toledo, but I think we need to serve people from the broader region. If we “keep creatives in Bowling Green and Defiance and Fremont” for example, then we have also succeeded.
  • This is called a “movement” but it seems to be driven by MadAve and they are getting the lion’s share of the benefits. I do not mind the private sector leading it, but the benefits have to be spread across the community (or else it is not a movement, it is a business strategy). If public money is used to fund this, then this is even more important.

A series of breakfasts (Thursday mornings) have been scheduled: a good way to give feedback.