Workforce updates

The Toledo Business Journal has been doing “Workforce updates” on a regular basis: quarterly collections of lists, data and stories in collaboration with RGP & JobsOhio. People from Owens Community College workforce training appear to be leading it.

I catch the 2-page printed spreads when I get a chance to pick up a TBJ or Development News. I just discovered they are one of the few things published by TBJ online (as PDFs): the TBJ Economic Development Dashboard. Taking a glance at the collection:

  • Some of the lists, graphs, and data make more sense when you look across quarters. For example, the “Top 10 corporations hiring,” “Projects by cluster,” and “Jobs created & retained” do not tell you very much one quarter at a time, but if you compare Q2Q, you start to learn a little bit.
  • The more interesting (to me) feature articles: Manufacturers roundtables (March 2013), Welcoming communities (September 2013), and Foreign direct investments and exporting (March 2014).
  • The last two – “It matters where you make it” (June 2014) and “Selling NW Ohio across the world” (September 2014) – show the evolution of the branding, marketing and selling strategies for the region. As a whole, the region is reaching out to a broader range of stakeholders, including residents. We are doing a better job of targeting specific audiences, such as talent and site consultants, with stories that are relevant for each.

If you have never read any of the Workforce updates (because maybe you do not pick up paper copies at grocery stores like I do), then check them out online.