Jobs & Quality of Life Cartoon

I enjoyed Don Lee’s cartoon in the May 18th Toledo Free Press.

Jobs synergy cartoon1

The note Don put on his web site explains a little bit about it: “Bring jobs first — but arts, culture, education and recreation bring the people who bring the jobs. How to show the synergy? Draw a truck.”

The relationship between jobs and quality of life has been a topic at various economic development and planning events I have been at the past year. The new Toledo Region branding is focused on residents talking about the quality of life here to help attract others. And so on.

It may become more than just a jobs/quality of life synergy. If the “changes the game” predictions are true, then we should be shifting resources away from “smokestack chasing” (trying to get a big factory to create jobs with a higher quality of life as a result) and put more money, time and attention into quality of life efforts and attracting talent. The jobs will come as a result. In Don’s cartoon, “jobs” is still the engine and quality of life is following.

Perhaps “talent” or “quality of life” should be driving.