Letters to the Editor, Jan 28 – Feb 5

Additional Letters to the Editor regarding the regional branding efforts were printed in the Blade on January 29th and February  5th. My comments:

  • “Glass City” is a city label, not a regional label. Related but different.
  • Targeting glass-related manufacturers might make sense, not for old-times-sake but because they are doing some sort of advanced manufacturing with glass. It is the “new manufacturing economy” not the “live in the past economy.”
  • Getting TARTA more on board (pun intended) is good news. It is already acting in a regional capacity (which is not as common as it should be around here). For site selectors and business leaders, the transportation infrastructure matters. For some potential residents, good public transportation is a requirement.
  • “Ordinary residents and other interested parties” were asked for their input in January & February 2010, at the start of the branding project. A community survey was done and “town hall” meetings were held. The web site created for that – toledoregionstory.com – is no longer online, but this archive of the timeline shows some of what was done. But it is probably time to do another round of community engagement.

Finally, I will just repeat this verbatim: “And The Blade should stop always seeking the negative slant on local happenings.”