Catching up

There has been so much great activity around the Toledo Region branding effort that I have not been able to keep up with it.


On January 12th, the Toledo Free Press did another edition of its annual special issue on economic development, Visions. In case you missed it, you can check out pages 11-24 of the digital version. The content included articles by D. Michael Collins/City of Toledo, Paul Toth/TLCPA, Mark V’Soske/TRCC, Ford Weber/NORED & LCEDC, and an interview with Jeff Schaaf/Northwest Ohio Brand Council.

On January 19th, The Blade printed Jeff Gerritt’s editorial Toledo is losing the branding battle. He argues that the regional place branding efforts need to include community identity (“what a place wants to become”).

Also, today, January 26th, The Blade included a 24 page section Toledo Region: Business and Opportunity Accelerated. You can see it online in the eBlade version – navigate to Section Z. Pages 2 and 3 feature sections on “Our story,” “Key industries,” “By the number,” and “Doing business here.” The other pages are advertisements by businesses and quality-of-life assets from across the region.

Each of these 3 are important milestones and deserve deeper analysis. I may not have time to write about them right away, but will get to my thoughts about them eventually.