Redesigning Government

A whole section about redesigning government was missing in my IgniteUX talk about how user experience professionals can get involved in economic development. I had limited slides and time and had to cut a lot.

Local government is a crucial player in local economic development. It contributes to the business climate (for corporate facility investors, as one example). It provides incentives for investment. The way regional governments are organized and collaborate has a huge impact on the cost and quality of services, from health care to public transportation to trash pick-up. This makes it a huge factor in quality of life for residents.

The digitalization of government, e-gov, is driving some of the government redesigning efforts. For example, a technology plan (like Chicago’s) will drive a lot of change.

From a high level point of view on redesigning government, I follow my Canadian colleague Jess McMullin and his Centre for Citizen Experience. His recent presentation at a conference in India is a good place to start thinking about how we apply our “customer experience” skills to “citizen experience.”

A few hilites:

  • Slide 15: The service gap widens as governments are asked to do more with less (money).
  • Slide 28: Citizen experience design is defined as “The application of design to generate innovations that help government work better for people.”
  • Slide 34: Design as a process. For solving problems. For framing problems and opportunities.
  • Slide 48: Design as a capability. Developing the talent and skills to do good design.
  • Slide 53: Design as a culture. Being an agent of organizational change.
  • Slide 59: The business case / ROI.
  • Slide 66: Challenges. Monopolies, competing interests, scale.
  • Slide 74: Some success stories.
  • Slide 112: The story of citizen experience. Focus, bridge, compass.

There is a lot more to mine from service design and other UX-related areas to help us redesign governments for economic development benefits. Jess’ Citizen Experience focus is a great place to start.