Section U, Toledo Blade Wrap, Sunday 3/24

The Toledo Region “wrap” – a 4 page description of the branding efforts, list of ways to support them, and the region’s role in the New Manufacturing Economy – debuted with today’s Toledo Blade.

Pages 1 & 3 of the Toledo Region wrap Pages 2 & 3 of the Toledo Region wrap Pages 4 & 1 of the Toledo Region wrap

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It was about a year in the making: I recall seeing an earlier version in the spring of 2012.

The wrap should do a lot to raise awareness of the initiative with residents and local business leaders. I believe the plan is to also use other copies of the wrap for other audiences (that would not normally subscribe to the Blade), such as talent that is being recruited to the region and out-of-region business leaders who may want to invest.

I am already doing my share of the “Ten Ways to Support the Toledo Region,” such as social media activities (#1) and donating my experience planning expertise (#9). Now let’s see how many other people and organizations join in!