TR Branding in 5 Lakes Global Economic Forum print material

I did a pass through the “printed material” for the Five Lakes Global Economic Forum, looking for ways that the Toledo Region Branding was utilized. In general, not much.

  • In the PDF Flyer, available before the event, the objective mentions ‘new manufacturing economy’ and at the bottom of the document it points people to the web site, sort of (“Visit www.toledoregion to learn more about N.W. Ohio “) – the .com is missing from
  • In the Program Guide, the Mayor’s welcome message keeps a regional focus and mentions the 3 parts of the brand system that matter in this context: great place to do business, strong educational system and high quality of life. Also, the Destination Toledo advertisement includes their “Live. Learn. Work. Play.” tagline.
  • The Property Profiles includes a half-page section “For More Information on the Toledo Region Please contact:” with a list of sites to visit. is last on the list.

I missed the Monday night opening reception, but am at the Tuesday morning welcoming addresses.